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Welcome to The Yard!

It has long been my goal to preserve childhood. I’m sure I only started thinking like this since I became a mother. Or a pediatric therapist. But since I can’t remember one without the other, it’s hard to tell! Either way, I feel like my career as a pediatric Occupational Therapist has been the perfect opportunity to be a part of the preservation of a few childhoods over the years. Preserving childhood doesn’t mean being old fashioned, or banning things. It just means helping children and families honor this little piece of history they can make together, and play...

M is for handwriting

Since I talk about monkey bars a few times here on the website, and I have that fabulous picture of a little boy on a vintage monkey bar featured, I thought sharing this article would do a little explaining. As a pediatric Occupational Therapist, the most common reason for a referral is probably concerns with a child’s grasp and use of their tools of the trade (manipulatives, scissors, crayons, markers). It is usually not the only reason, and is often tangled up with concerns about low muscle tone, decreased strength, maybe some motor planning concerns, a lack of hand...

About The Yard

The Yard is a comprehensive play project that introduces the concept of a year-round indoor playground to the Southern Maine area, serving the purposes of pediatric therapy, community gathering, and themed party destination. Our goal is to provide both recreational and therapeutic play opportunities for families and their children of varying abilities, aged 9 and under. With over 7,200 sq feet of play space inside the Pepperell Mill and piled high with therapist-approved equipment and toys, think of it as a community playground, but you don’t have to check the forecast first!

To view photos of The Yard and our Themed Parties, click here.

The Yard

With its wide open spaces, flowers, trees, and natural elements, The Yard feels like a beautiful park indoors, complete with plenty of seating for parents and grandparents to watch and enjoy, take pictures, catch up on a book, or enjoy some coffee. >>>

The Playrooms

The Yard now offers Occupational Therapy services for children! Comprehensive evaluations and treatment, provided in a real-world environment, make The Yard the first of it’s kind to offer these type of services, while simultaneously providing a “practice” environment for families. Not therapy day? Come any time to work on those skills! That’s the beauty of combining recreational and therapeutic play! >>>

The House

Whether the celebration is for a child, a sports team, a scout troop, or a mommy and me group, come to that place at The Yard and let your dream come true. Choose the party package option that fits you like a glass slipper, and we promise, you’ll live happily ever after. >>>